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Cultiva Kingdom exhibits at House of Lords

Cultiva's Hemp Fashion Exhibits With Freedomee At The House Of Lords This week Cultiva Clothing made hemp history as we were welcomed to the launch of Freedomee, a platform for sustainable fashion and its transparency. Francesca Giobbi and Samanta Bullock explaining their journey so far Francesca Giobbi and Samanta Bullock explaining their journey so far Laura Bossom, founder of Cultiva Clothing with Samanta Bullock Laura Bossom, founder of Cultiva Clothing with Samanta Bullock The evening was organised by Francesca Giobbi and Samanta Bullock who invited a set of leading sustainable fashion designers to exhibit their products in Parliament. Amongst the show was Cultiva Kingdom (carbon capture material),Ketsali (zero waste fashion), Pinkbags (locally sourced), Dear Ocean (community focused collection) and many more. The exhibit was followed by a debate about the issues which surround the industry and how Freedomee is seen to solve some of these problems. The group encourage a level of transparency from product production, to the people who made the textiles and where materials are sourced. Each stage will be recorded with blockchain technology to collect information to help consumers make a better informed decision when purchasing an item. “The choices you make when purchasing fashion are extremely important to changing the industry for the better. We believe in leading and forging a path to sustainable fashion. This is our contribution to a healthy planet. Join us.” - Francesca Giobbi Samanta Bullock has been an inspiration to Laura, founder of the company. Her aspirations and achievements for ensuring a sector of the fashion industry which is built on community and encourages inclusivity. It is important that we remember that everyone needs clothes. She empowers designers to consider new elements such as disability and how this impact how your garment fits around your body. Her range of products includes jewellery, accessories to beauty products all focusing on inclusion. Cultiva Kingdom is happy to launch an exciting collaboration which will emerge with Samanta Bullock and her classic collection for inclusivity.
By Laura Bossom

Review: Legacy Tap Dance Concert (dance Immersion and Canadian Stage)

Full of feeling, soul, personality and creativity, the Legacy Tap Dance Concert brings together two Canadian tap dance legends, Travis Knights and Lisa La Touche, in performance and choreography. Together, they perform with a group of tappers, movers and a full band under the musical direction of on-stage drummer Danny Milwalkee. This moving and grooving outdoor show takes place in the beautiful High Park Amphitheatre, and is presented by dance Immersion in association with Canadian Stage.
By The Dance Debrief
Dance Review

Hotel Kempinski - Top Attractions in Vienna for Music Lovers

It’s well known that Vienna is a treasure chest for music attractions. Brimming with magnificent museums, dazzling concerts, and a history of illustrious composers whose life work runs through the entire city. For music lovers, there’s plenty to explore during your stay in the ‘City of Music’, Vienna.
By Ariyan Savar

INT570- All Source Intelligence

To provide the current and thorough Intelligence Analysis required today by Senior Policy Makers, Military Leadership, and Corporate America, All-Source Analysts utilize HUMINT, IMINT, SIGINT, TECHINT, MASINT, and OSINT. Professional analysts use a variety of linking, modeling and data manipulation or artificial intelligence software packages. In this course, we will look at several means of collecting and analyzing multi-discipline information but remain focused on the need and ability to synthesize all of this data, however collected, into objective and cohesive All Source products
By Rachael Riggs
Intelligence Masters

Hendrick Automotive Group - Google Data Studios Report Dashboard

One of the biggest dealership groups in the US requested for a live dashboard to be created so that the group's managers and decision makers have a place to easily access and monitor the marketing efforts of the stores. I was able to create a dashboard that is able to show key metrics and KPIs while fulfilling the client's request through Google Data Studios.
By Lydia Lee

Herb Pharm brand strategy

Herb Pharm is a deeply respected brand among herbalists and natural health seekers, but they wanted to reach a new generation of consumers who aren't so in-the-know about their high-quality line of liquid herbal extracts. In collaboration with Maxwell PR, I helped develop the brand positioning, differentiating pillars, tagline, brand voice, and language guidance created with their new audience in mind.
By Pamela Fiehn
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Hydrogeochemistry and South American Salars

Global demand for lithium is on the rise. Rechargeable batteries are driving much of this, and with the highest electrochemical potential of all metals, lithium is an ideal power source. Lithium is extracted from minerals in igneous rocks, clay minerals, and from naturally-enriched continental brines hosted within salars. The latter is the preferred lithium source for investors as the prospecting, exploration, and development of a project are favorable on numerous fronts (cost, logistical, and environmental).
By Super Writer Guy

College A-Level Media and Film Coursework

In order to complete my A-Level qualification for Media and Film studies, I had to produce and edit video content to be sent off as coursework. Media Studies required me to produce 3x 30 second adverts to advertise a fictional aftershave brand and this was filmed on location in Salford. For Film Studies I had to write, direct and produce a 5 minute short film which started with an enigma code and from this brief I produced "The Screening", following a protagonist who finds himself broadcasted across every technological device in his house and thus attempts to find the route of the problem. I am currently not able to upload the footage for these projects onto Youtube or Vimeo due to them being held by the exam boards however if you would like to see the full things please contact me and i'd be more than happy to showcase them.
By Ben Vause - Portfolio