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Sarah Stevens Portfolio

Sarah Stevens

BEHIND THE CAMERA LENS ​ My name is Sarah I am a student at De Montfort University in …

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TimesUp By Donovan Colon Portfolio

TimesUp By Donovan Colon

Hey my name is Donovan Colon a 21 year old self taught photographer out of New York. 6 …

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Valerie Magan Portfolio

Valerie Magan

Valerie is a music journalist and photographer with 4+ years of writing experience. She is currently a staff …

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Victor Emmanuel Portfolio

Victor Emmanuel

Residente em Palmas / TO, acadêmico de jornalismo pela Universidade Federal do Tocantins (UFT). Experiência profissional fez parte …

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Marc Philippe Legein photography Portfolio

Marc Philippe Legein photography

Marc Philippe Legein is been photographing for many years, sometimes publishing and signing under the alias « Niegel …

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Anaelys Trochez's Portfolio Portfolio

Anaelys Trochez's Portfolio

Advertising & Marketing Intern • Class of 2020 - Southern Adventist University • Editor • Writer • Reader …

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Otros ejemplos

Jenny Southan

Award-winning freelance travel journalist, and editor and founder of Globetrender, an online magazine and travel trend forecasting agency

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Gemma Hirst

Journalism Graduate/ Culture Blogger/ Podcaster

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Gina Baksa

British freelance editor and luxury lifestyle journalist.Former deputy editor of Luxurious Magazine ( print version*Celebrity interviews, luxury cars, …

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Gillian Saxon

Freelance Writer, Editor, Content Producer and Photographer

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Joanne DeCaro

Writer. Photographer. Storyteller.

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katherine alex beaven

Alex is a U.S.-based freelance writer, editor, and content creator. Adventurous, curious, always hungry, and sometimes silly.

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Stef Mills

Hello there! I am Stef, a Glasgow based freelance live music photographer. I am open to any and …

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Indira Cesarine

Editor in Chief of The Untitled Magazine / Photographer, Director & Multidisciplinary Artist / Owner The Untitled Space …

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Lisa Erzsa Weil

Born in Germany to Hungarian parents, I was lucky enough to grow up in a bilingual, multicultural environment. …

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Aleksandra Kireeva

I want people to cry listening to my songs and to think reading my words

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Michele Reverte

Freelance writer, photographer, proofreader and editor.

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Susan Fourtané

Science and Technology Journalist, Startup Media Consultant, Storyteller, Writer of other things. Writing, reporting, and interviewing industry leaders …

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And in the end, what matters most?

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Kayla (Lokeinsky) Gardner

Freelance Digital Content Creator and Social Media Manager New York Times Editing Center Page Designer Blogger -The Happy …

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Jenny Hewett

Freelance travel and lifestyle writer | Specialist copywriter | Former Time Out journalist. Member of ASTW (Australian Society …

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Keith Strigaro

Talented and award-winning professional with 14 years of experience as a writer and marketing and communications strategist. Specialize …

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Kory Glover

I am a professional freelance writer, journalist and copywriter. I am a self-starter, task oriented individual, highly motivated, …

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Hi there, I'm Britten!

I'm a Raleigh-based copywriter who thrives on creating engaging copy by capturing your brand's unique voice. I specialize …

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Amanda Roussin

Engaging Multimedia for the Student-Athlete and Fan Experience

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Malee Baker Oot

Malee is a freelance writer, outdoor enthusiast, and overzealous amateur photographer. She currently lives just outside Washington, DC …

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Writer, Editorial Designer

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